Trip Flip: Surprise Chows and Vows Pictures

Bert Kreischer takes Trip Flip adventurers Levi Bennett and Sarah McCord on an adventure where they zipline, bike, “Break Bad” and wed in New Mexico.

Photo By: karenkuehn

Photo By: Jared Gruenwald

Photo By: Jared Gruenwald

Host Bert Kreischer, Levi Bennett and Sarah McCord get ready to zipline across Angel Fire Mountain in New Mexico.

Ready, set, go! Levi and Sarah race eachother on Angel Fire Mountain’s signature super zipline.

Bert snaps a picture of Sarah and Levi while flying high above Albuquerque, NM, during the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta -- a 9-day event that features approximately 750 balloons.

Bert and our travelers pick green chilies at Wagner Farm in Corrales, NM.

Levi helps roast some of the chili peppers they collected at Wagner Farm.

Levi is all smiles after going a round with accomplished MMA fighter Tim Kennedy while visiting a training facility in Albuquerque, NM.

Bert bites off a bit more then he can chew when he gets in the ring with some female MMA fighters.

Levi, Sarah and Bert dress the part as they "Break Bad" while participating in a mock meth lab bust to experience what it’s like to be a DEA agent in Albuquerque.

Our adventurers go biking in the epic Angel Fire Bike Park.

Levi gets strapped into his glider before taking to the skies in Albuquerque.

Bert goes blokarting at a remote airfield in Albuquerque.

Recently engaged Levi and Sarah share a kiss after ordained minister and Trip Flip host Bert Kreischer commence their wedding ceremony atop the Gorge Bridge.

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