Trip Flip: Surviving Alaska Pictures

Bert takes Caren and Dan, an adventurous couple from Richmond, VA, on an Alaskan survival adventure they won't forget.
Episode: Surviving Alaska

Caren and Dan Shoop, along with Host Bert Kreischer, smile for the camera before hopping into their helicopter on Godwin Glacier, near the town of Seward, AK.

Bert makes his way up a 200-foot ice crevice on Godwin Glacier.

After completing their attempt to reach the top, Dan and Caren look deep into the 200-foot crevice on Godwin Glacier.

Two Super Cub planes fly our travelers back to civilization after spending the night in the Alaskan wilderness.

While in the Alaskan wilderness, Caren, Dan and Bert learn how to make a fire without matches from professional survivalist Austin Manelick.

Caren learns how to survive an airplane crash in water while at the "Learn to Return" survival school facility in Anchorage, AK.

While at the Seavey Family’s Ididarod training facility outside Seward, Bert and our travelers experience what it's like to race in Alaska.

A fan boat carrying Bert and our adventurers speeds down the Skwentna River, located just outside Wasilla, AK.

The fan boat creeps through some brush along the Skwentna River.

While fishing in the Skwentna River, Dan tries to use a bow and arrow to catch some Alaskan salmon.

Bert, Caren and Dan smile for the camera after catching an Alaskan salmon.

A beautiful, vast view of the Alaskan landscape just outside Seward.

Dan, Caren and Bert paddleboard in Bear Glacier Lagoon near Seward.

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