Trip Flip: Sydney Pictures

Two lucky vacationers prepare for an adventure Down Under with host Bert Kreischer. Their journey includes rappelling down waterfalls, hanging with koalas and kangaroos and much more.
Episode: Sydney

Bert sits with Australia vacationers Tom and Robyn while they learn the ways of the Aborigines.

Bert, Tom and Robyn learn how to start a fire like an Aborigine.

Water taxi is just one of the many ways Bert has arranged for vacationers Tom and Robyn to travel around Sydney.

Robyn and Tom hang out with a local koala bear in Sydney.

For Bert and the vacationers, the only way over the waterfall is to rappel down while canyoning.

Robyn rappels down a waterfall.

Bert knows that the key to a great experience is finding good guides.

Robyn and Tom suit up for canyoning near Sydney.

Tom and Robyn get a crash course in lifeguarding Down Under.

A helicopter waits on the landing pad for Robyn and Tom as they prepare for an aerial adventure around the island.

Robyn feeds a young kangaroo at Featherdale Nature Park.

The "crocs" at Featherdale Nature Park are one of the park's biggest draws.

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