The Animals of "Wild Things"

Check out some of the wild and wonderful animals that Dominic Monaghan investigates while shooting Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan .

Atlas Moth, Philippines

While in the Philippines, Dominic gets up-close with an Atlas Moth.

Uakari Monkey, Peru

A red faced uakari monkey aka "Hellboy" strikes a pose for our cameras in Peru's Amazon.

Tapir, Peru

The Tapir may look a little odd, but boy are they friendly!

Poison Dart Frog, Peru

The Poison Dart frog in Peru takes a break from hopping around just long enough for the "Wild Things" crew to snap a shot.

Indri Lemur, Madagascar

An Indri, which is a member of the lemur family, hangs out in a tree in Madagascar.


A chameleon perches on twig in Madagascar.

Snapping Turtle, Florida

Dominic delicately handles a Florida snapping turtle.

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