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A new four-part docudrama, Witches of Salem, chronologically unravels the rapid descent of a town into madness, capturing the day-to-day hysteria that unfolds and puts an affluent New England community under siege. From reports of possession by the devil, to mass arrests, sensational trials and public hangings, each hour-long episode is an in-depth account of the eight months of “satanic panic” that overtook an otherwise sleepy Massachusetts village.

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In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts erupted into madness. A series of witchcraft accusations, prosecutions and hearings unfolded over the next year. Witches of Salem, a four-part docudrama, offers an in depth retelling of the events that took place in the once sleepy town of Salem. Tune in Sundays at 10|9c.

Salem Witch Trials

The deadliest witch hunt in American history ravaged the streets of Salem, Massachusetts.

What to See and Do in Salem, Massachusetts

Autumn is the perfect time to head to this New England city.

Season 1, Episode 1

Satan Comes to Salem

An inexplicable evil tormenting the young girls of Reverend Samuel Parris's household swiftly spreads through the Puritan community of Salem Village. Fearing the influence of the devil, the afflicted soon begin to make accusations of witchcraft.

Oct 18
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 2

The Road to Hell

The number of accused keeps growing, hinting at a greater conspiracy of witches. The examinations take place in a packed Salem meetinghouse, where suspects face harsh questioning and a mob of afflicted young women shout accusations of witchcraft.

Oct 18
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 3

Lust for Blood

The Salem witch trials finally begin with the case against Bridget Bishop, who is quickly found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. Bishop's death is not enough to quell the witch hysteria. Within a month five more women are tried and executed.

Oct 18
10am | 9c
Season 1, Episode 4

Pray for Mercy

The witch trials and executions continue throughout the summer but are suddenly halted when the afflicted begin to accuse the elites of Massachusetts, including the Governor’s wife. As the prisoners are released, Salem must deal with the aftermath.

Oct 18
11am | 10c