Everything You Need to Know About Travel Channel's ‘Witches Of Salem’

The new miniseries delves into the infamous witch trials like never before.

October 02, 2019
Elizabeth Parris listening to her husband's sermon

Elizabeth Parris listening to her father's sermon

Photo by: Jeremy Garland

Jeremy Garland

The Salem Witch Trials have gone down as one of the most heinous events in human history. Neighbors turned against neighbors, fear overcame an entire village and a wild hysteria led to the deaths of 20 innocent people, as well a handful of others dying in prison awaiting trial. For the first time ever, Travel Channel unleashes the docuseries Witches of Salem, premiering Sunday, Oct. 6 at 10|9c. The series will give an in-depth glimpse into the macabre events that rattled the once-sleepy village.

Most Americans have a rough idea of what happened during that fateful year in Massachusetts. Two young girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, began having strange fits and tantrums. The community was shocked that these fits came on seemingly from nowhere. Salem Village thought the only force strong enough to inflict such pain must be witchcraft. As word spread, more girls began having fits. Accusations were made against fellow neighbors and even between people living in the same home. Over the course of a year, 19 people were hung, and one man was crushed to death by an archaic torture practice known as "Pressing."

Sarah Cloyce bows to the Devil

Sarah Cloyce signs to the Devil's book

Photo by: Jeremy Garland

Jeremy Garland

What most people don’t know is the perfect storm of situations that led to the craze and hysteria of Salem. Travel Channel assembled a panel of experts, including historians from some of the nation’s top universities as well as authors of prominent Salem literature, to illustrate a clear picture of what happened and why.

By combining history, anthropology and sociology, the docuseries both vividly tells the tale of the infamous trials while also giving in-depth background and reasonings that help explain the Salem Witch Trials like never before. The result is a truth even more terrifying than the legend; lies, betrayal, false accusations, quests for power and a fear of the unknown drove an entire village mad and led to the death of many. The events would alter the course of history forever and make Salem a town known around the world.

John Proctor reacts during his wife, Elizabeth's, examination

John Proctor watches the trial of his wife, Elizabeth.

Photo by: Jeremy Garland

Jeremy Garland

Be sure to tune in to Witches of Salem on Travel Channel, Sunday, Oct. 6 at 10|9c, and share your thoughts on the trials using #WitchesOfSalem.

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