11 Wild Waterpark Attractions You Need to Visit

Big drops, bright colors, major speed – these attractions have it all, adrenaline-seekers! Get ready for an all-new season of Xtreme Waterparks with a look at a few of our favorite thrills.


Città del Mare Hotel Village

What’s one of the best ways to spot a gorgeous view in Sicily, Italy? Soar down the slides of the Città del Mare Hotel Village (before dropping down into the Mediterranean Sea). If the steep slides aren’t enough to take your breath away, the view certainly will.

Typhoon Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the waterpark attractions are no exception. So, grab a raft and hit Typhoon Texas’ AquaSphere and Constrictor – two rides that are sure to get your heart pounding. The Twister’s 50-foot drop is less than forgiving, but you can treat yourself to some good ol’ barbeque as a reward afterward.


You might not think of the Netherlands as a haven for thrill-seekers but Duinrell in Wassenaar is making a BIG splash. One of the rides to look out for is the Flits, an 8-second, lightning fast slide that ends as quickly as it began. (Flits means flash in English, which is definitely fitting.)


The Cyclone, another can’t-miss at Duinrell, initially drops guests a staggering 50 feet (!). After swirling around the bowl a few times, it's time to fall into the pool below. But don’t worry about landing gracefully – it's basically impossible.

Carnival Cruise's Vista

The Kaleid-o-Slide aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Vista is a slide of many colors, and it's as disorienting as it is spectacular. Its trippy twists and turns glide you to the bottom, taking you on a voyage you’ll never forget.

Splash Lagoon

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Splash Lagoon’s Cyclone Saucers is one for your bucket list. The gravity-fed triple-saucer slide is the first of its kind in North America. And with almost 500 feet of slide and 2,500 gallons of water rushing through every minute, you might want to plug your nose for this one.

Splash Lagoon

After you’ve conquered the Cyclone Saucers, it’s time for the Polynesian Plunge. The purple powerhouse sends you rushing across the basin at a whirlwind pace, and while it’s not the signature Saucer, it’ll keep your head (and the rest of your body) spinning.

BSR Cable Park

Waco, Texas to-do list: visit Magnolia Market, try to spot Chip and Jo and tackle the Royal Flush. BSR Cable Park’s Royal Flush catapults you into the air for some seriously high-flying fun – so start practicing your backflips now. (Unless you’re prepared to do a massive belly flop!)

Myrtle Waves

If you’re searching for an adrenaline rush in Myrtle Beach, you’ll want to head over to Myrtle Waves to take on the pink and purple behemoth that is Turbo Twisters. But when you climb to the top, try not to look down.

Surf Snowdonia

Embrace your inner athlete in Wales by catching a wave at Surf Snowdonia’s Surf Lagoon. The park’s pool generates pretty powerful waves – but never fear, you don’t have to be professional to tackle this attraction (they have easier waves for beginners, too).


Are you prepared for the drop at Aqualandia in Venice, Italy? We wouldn’t fault you for turning back when it comes to the Spacemaker slide. But if you made it to the top, you’d get an incredible panorama – one that makes the high-speed ride worth the climb.

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