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The USO and Marie Callender's share comforts from home with America's heroes.

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

Photo By: Hollis Bennett

A Welcomed Sight

The USO sign is a welcome sight for travelling servicemen and women. It’s a sign of support and appreciation for their sacrifice. This table at the Charlotte International Airport was set up by the USO and Marie Callender’s to help make members of the armed forces and their families feel comfortable while away from home. 

Comforts From Home

Marie Callender's Comforts From Home Project has partnered with the USO Operation Celebration that brings celebrations large and small to our troops stationed here and abroad. This time, the celebration comes as slices of pie.

It's All Thanks to Volunteers

USO Volunteers give their time to help distribute the Marie Callender’s pies as their way of showing support for the troops. 

Delicious Pies, Made From Scratch

A delicious slice of Marie Callender's pie has a way of making you feel at home with their made-from-scratch taste. And that’s exactly the idea. Here a USO worker sets up to serve delicious pies as the troops come and go in the Charlotte airport. 

A Generous Partnership

The USO and the Marie Callender’s team get ready to provide #comfortsfromhome to travelling military personnel. As a nonprofit, the USO relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and corporations – like Marie Callender’s – to support its programs.  This partnership is a way to impact thousands of lives in a small way, every day, all across the country.

Service With a Smile

Volunteers are dishing out delicious Marie Callender’s pies made with home-made touches with a smile and the satisfaction of doing something good for the US military personel that will pass this table.

Setting Up for Travel Channel

The USO volunteers are all set up and ready to share with the Travel Channel’s “American Heroes” why they invest their time to support the troops.

Home is Where ...

Marie Callender's knows that home is more than a place. It's big hugs and joyful laughter. It's warm memories and comforting homemade favorites on the dinner table. The Comforts From Home Project is dedicated to bringing the heartwarming feelings, flavors and favorites of home to those who miss it most and are serving to protect it.

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