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Best Inverted Coasters 02:39

Take a tour of America's best inverted roller coasters.

Detroit Mower Gang Contest 02:06

Andrew eats and judges bizarre dishes prepared by the Detroit Mower Gang.

Sam's Indian Lunch in Britain 02:11

Sam Brown tries Tiffinbites' fast food based on traditional Indian lunches.

Pizza With a Side of Magic 02:37

Customers in a pizza restaurant get a pre-dinner taste of JB's magic.

First Investigation of Salem 01:03

Zak discusses the struggle to get permission to investigate Salem, MA.

Bert's Top 5 Roller Coasters 03:38

Learn Bert's top five favorite roller coasters and why they made the list.

Andrew's Top 5 for San Antonio 05:17

Andrew Zimmern counts down his favorite moments from San Antonio.

Mattel's Picture Maker 03:04

Jordan finds an item in Texas that allows you to design your own Hot Wheels car.

Sydney's Secrets to Fab Abs 02:08

Sculpt that core with fitness expert Sydney Benner's fave ab exercises.

Recap: Penguin Hotel 05:19

Get a glimpse of the hard work Anthony and his team put into the Penguin Hotel.

Andrew's Southern Favorites 03:34

Andrew picks the 4 most unusual dishes from the South.

Detective Hook 02:42

Don examines the rise to stardom of a private eye who exceeded expectations.

Erieville Walkthrough 02:20

Amy picks up bad vibes of a sociopath woman during her walk through of a house.

Be Belize 03:20

Belize is the place that lets you be whatever you want to be.

Andrew's Minneapolis Tips 02:41

Andrew recommends taking in Minneapolis sites, like Lake Harriet, by bike.

Zak & Nick's Shot Challenge 01:49

The winner is unclear, but Zak and Nick have a good time in the 1880 saloon.

Interpreting the UN 03:01

Nick auditions to be an interpreter for the United Nations, with mixed results.

Amazing View of the Beach 01:57

Anthony discovers a roof deck the hotel has neglected to use to its advantage.

Travel Testers: Tandem Jumping 02:01

Tandem jumps are an option for brave souls who want to try skydiving.

Bobsledding Water Slide 02:23

Slide and bobsled at the same time on Blue Bayou's scream-inducing slides.

Don't Let Travel Fees Add Up 02:03

Peter Greenberg can't stand travel fees. See how you can avoid them too.

Sleep in a Luxury Treehouse 02:50

Glampers head to Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort for high-flying adventures.

Relive Moments From Haiti 03:40

Catch a glimpse of Tony Bourdain's time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Hellfire Sushi Q&A 02:56

Adam Richman takes questions after his Hellfire Sushi Challenge.

How to Travel the World 01:54

From gyrocopter to fanboat, Josh Gates travels the world in unique rides.

Louisiana Capitol Controversy 03:47

Senator Huey Long dies after a controversial shooting in the Louisiana Capitol.

Steven Gets a Hula Lesson 02:08

Steven learns a traditional hula dance for his wife.

A Breath in the Jail Cell 03:09

Nick and Aaron explore Vlad Dracula's royal court and jail cell.

Budapest's Szimpla 01:39

This Hungarian 'ruin bar' is popular for serving up drinks from the past.

Fisherman's Wharf Betrayal 03:22

Few realize that Fisherman's Wharf is the result of an embezzlement scheme.