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Getting Wet in Jersey

See all the waterparks we visited in this episode of Xtreme Waterparks.

Getting Wet in Germany

See all the waterparks visited in this episode.

Splintering Speedsters

In Insane Coaster Wars: Splintering Speedsters Travel features The Beast at Kings Island, Thunderhead at Dollywood, The Voyage at Holiday World and El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Getting Wet in Denver

See all the waterparks from the Denver episode of Xtreme Waterparks.

Speed Demons

Insane Coaster Wars: Speed Demons, Travel features the following rollercoasters: Top Thrill Dragster, Desperado, Bizarro and Xcelerator.

Extreme Heights

Insane Coaster Wars: Extreme Heights Travel features the following rollercoasters: Intimidator at Carowinds, Millennium Force at Cedar Point, Diamondback at Kings Island & Kingda Ka at Six Flags (NJ).

Hang'em High

In Insane Coaster Wars: Hang'em High Travel features Manta at Sea World Orlando, Aftershock at Silverwood Theme Park, Alpengeist at Busch Gardens (Williamsburg) and Montu at Busch Gardens (Tampa Bay).

Getting Wet in Italy

See where the waterparks from this episode are located.

Best Family Hotel Rewards Programs and Perks

Summer Hull shares her favorite family hotel rewards programs and perks, from Hilton HHonors to Hyatt Gold Passport.

Wrong Way Up

In Insane Coaster Wars: Wrong Way Up, Travel features the following rollercoasters: Kraken at Sea World Orlando, Dorney Park's Hydra the Revenge, Vortex at Kings Island and Wild Eagle at Dollywood.

Hudson Valley Road Trip

See New York's Hudson Valley using Travel Channel's helpful tips to plan a trip to go wine tasting at Benmarl Winery; grab a meal at the Main Street Bistro and stay at the Croff House.

Austin History Tours

Discover Austin’s amazing historical attractions, including the State Capitol -- the largest in America.

Earn Miles and Points Every Day

Earn miles and points in your everday life with these 5 easy tips from travel deals expert Summer Hull, aka Mommy Points.

Austin Foodie Foray

Austin's best restaurants offer a melange of mouthwatering meals. Just eating here might be called a creative act.

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