Park Secrets: First Class Pictures

Park Secrets: First Class takes you to the hottest natural parks, as well as the restaurants, accommodations and activities that surround them.

Photo By: Sean Hunt

Escape the busy shopaholic streets of Palm Beach to see the lush mangrove forests of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park in Palm Beach, FL.

Spoto's Oyster Bar and Bluepoint Lounge, roughly 6 miles from John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, serves up fresh seafood daily.

Xotic Dream Cars of Miami, roughly 30 minutes outside of Palm Beach, hooks renters up with the coolest, gotta-have hot cars in the Sunshine State.

Intricately tiled mosaics decorate the bathrooms at the Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe, NM.

A closer look at the beautiful tile work at the Inn of the Five Graces.

Colorful textiles and hand-carved antiques decorate the guestrooms at the Inn of the Five Graces.

There are several ways to access Oahu's Ka'ena Point State Park; via a luxury yacht is just one of them.

Breathtaking views from the lifts of Ski Santa Fe, near the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico.

Another beautiful view from the lifts of Ski Santa Fe.

A fresh dusting of winter-white makes the trip to Ski Santa Fe that much more enjoyable.

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