Ghost Adventures: Double Eagle Restaurant

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to New Mexico to investigate Double Eagle Restaurant and Doña Ana County Courthouse and jail. Both buildings have been plagued by death, leading to poltergeist activity that torments investigators.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Zak and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew return to New Mexico to investigate two immensely haunted locations, Double Eagle Restaurant and Doña Ana County Courthouse and jail. 

Double Eagle Restaurant

Double Eagle Restaurant, located in Mesilla, is the site of a brutal double homicide. The family at the center of the grisly tale was never quite the same afterward…

Double Eagle Restaurant

Built in 1849, the property’s first owner was the Maes family. Portraits of the patriarch and matriarch remain on display today. 

Jerry Harrell

As Jerry Harrell, the current manager of Double Eagle Restaurant, tells the story, Armando Maes was found by his mother in bed with a maid named Inez; the two had been having an affair. Following the discovery, she murdered Inez and her son, stabbing them both to death.  

Double Eagle Restaurant

Their troubled spirits are said to still haunt the room in which they were killed, known today as the Carlotta Room. 

Ghost Adventures Crew

And don’t even think about sitting in the chairs in either corner…those are reserved for Armando and Inez.

Doña Ana County Courthouse

Established in 1938, Doña Ana County Courthouse is the second location for our crew. Though, Zak and the guys aren’t the first investigators to pay the haunted destination a visit…

Pat Olona

Pat Olona has investigated the buildings numerous times. One of his friends was scratched during an investigation, and he also witnessed a heavy-duty jail cell door close on its own. (Try getting a full night’s sleep after that!)

Ghost Adventures Crew

Many deaths occurred on the property over the years, ranging from suicide to illness to murder. Today, the jail stands empty of prisoners and staff after being decommissioned in 2008. 

Doña Ana County Courthouse

Zak interviews Olona and fellow investigator Ramiro Galvan about encounters they’ve had while on the property.

Zak Bagans

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