Ghost Adventures: Exorcism in Erie

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to Erie, CO, along with Bishop Bryan Ouellette to perform an exorcism on a young man in order to help rid him of a demonic attachment.

Kashuba Home

The Ghost Adventures crew heads to Erie, CO, to investigate the home of Jeff and Darlene Kashuba. 

Zak Bagans

The couple first moved into the home in 1997, and they say they’ve been experiencing demonic activity ever since. 

Ghost Adventures Crew

Their son, Chris Stone, is at the center of much of the activity and has experienced bouts of depression. 

Zak Bagans

Chris believes he’s suffered from a demonic attachment ever since he participated in a ritual at a property known as the “Witch’s House” as a teenager. 

Jeff and Darlene Kashuba

The family has heard mysterious growling, seen dark shadows and felt physically shaken by the disturbances.  

Jeff Kashuba

Jeff and Darlene prepare for an interview with Zak. Jeff and his wife are extremely concerned for their son's well-being after he has shown signs of having a demonic attachment.

The Basement

A view of the basement inside the Kashuba house. Chris claims most of the demonic activity that happens to him takes place here.

Upstairs Bedroom

The second-floor bedroom is where Chris says a violent spirit tried to throw him out the window.

Ghost Adventures Crew

One word to describe this week’s lockdown: unsettling. Catch the all-NEW Ghost Adventures, Saturday at 10|9c. 

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