Lutte in Senegal

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In West Africa, folk-wrestling is known by many names: lutte Senagalaise in Senegal, boreh in Gambia and hausa in Nigeria. In the 1950s a variation of the sport, lutte avec frappe (wrestling with punching) was introduced in Senegal. Today, both forms are practiced in Senegal with lutte sans frappe (wrestling without punching) -- which Dhani Jones participated in -- reserved for international competition.

Similar to professional boxing, there are no set rules that apply to every competition. The following is a rough outline of the objectives of the sport in both of its forms.


In lutte sans frappe:

* If a wrestler is forced to sit, he has lost.

* If a wrestler's head touches the ground, he has lost.

* If a wrestler's hands and knees are forced to the ground simultaneously, he has lost.

* If a wrestler's back touches the ground, he has lost.


In lutte avec frappe:

* Victory can be achieved by throwing one's opponent to the ground by the above methods, or by a knockout.

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