When Vacations Attack

A skydiving vacation turns into catastrophe when a typical landing ends in agony. A ski-trip to Switzerland becomes a life or death situation, and a skateboard race turns into a stampede for survival.

White Death

A Swiss Alps vacation turns deadly when an avalanche buries a ...


Skydiver Crashes

A gust of wind makes experienced skydiver Tommy Fergerson ...


Chopper Crash

A skateboarding race is interrupted when a helicopter ...


Busted Ankle

A water stunt gone wrong leaves Austin's left foot in 2 parts.


Buried Alive at the Beach

After a boy digs a hole nearly 6 feet deep it collapses on him.


Butt Scratchin'

The Ibex, a mountain goat, has powerful horns it puts to good use.


Performer Sets ...

Instead of swallowing fire, a performer sets his face on ...

Elephants ...

Elephants stomp on vacationer's canoe in the Zambezi River, ...

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