Montreal's Must-See Attractions

A visit to the eastern Canadian city of Montreal is not complete without experiencing its fascinating art, culture, food and architecture.
By: Matthew Karsten

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Montreal Skyline

Downtown Montreal's new skyscrapers mix with Old Montreal's centuries-old architecture for an impressive skyline along the St. Lawrence River.

Montreal Biosphere

Built for the 1967 World's Fair, the Montreal Biosphere is now home to an environmental museum that teaches visitors about sustainable development.

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Metro System

Montreal's metro subway system transports more than 1 million passengers a day. An unlimited three-day pass only costs $16.

Smoked Meat

Schwartz's Deli is probably Montreal's most famous eatery, known for its giant smoked-meat sandwiches and long lines.

Montreal Museums

For museum lovers, Montreal has a bit of everything. The Chateau Ramezay museum covers 500 years of local history.

River Surfing

Did you know you could surf in Montreal? There are a few spots on the St. Lawrence River with standing waves that you can actually surf!

Atwater Market

If you're looking for tasty local fish, cheese, produce or baked goods, you can't beat Atwater Farmers’ Market.

Bixi Public Bikes

Montreal is a very bike-friendly city, and home to one of the most successful public bike rental systems in the world.

Montreal Street Art

Depending on what neighborhood you're in, you'll often find all kinds of interesting street art, murals and graffiti in Montreal.

Centaur Theatre

A great place to catch an English-language play, the Centaur Theatre in Old Montreal used to be the Old Stock Exchange Building.

Montreal Poutine

Poutine is a favorite French-Canadian late-night snack made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Habitat 67

This unique housing complex is one of Montreal's most famous landmarks, built in the 1960s by architect Moshe Safdie.

Street Musicians

You'll find street performers of all kinds on a walk through the busy Place des Arts area of Montreal.

Notre-Dame Basilica

Another famous Montreal landmark, the Notre-Dame Basilica was built in 1829. Its massive cathedral ceilings and stained-glass windows are a highlight.

Rue Saint-Paul

Montreal's oldest street is Rue Saint-Paul, paved in cobblestones and home to many historic buildings such as the Bonsecours Market.

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