St. Lucia's Caribbean Adventures

Ever wanted to horseback ride on the beach? Zipline through the jungle? Maybe check out a drive-in volcano? Get ready for a tropical adventure through the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

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Gros Piton

The second highest peak on Saint Lucia, Gros Piton can be climbed without ropes or mountaineering experience.

Cas En Bas Beach

Giddyup! A man rides a horse along Cas En Bas Beach, a stretch of sand to the north of St. Lucia.

Green Figs and Salt Fish

Don’t let the name fool you. This dish may be called “green figs and salt fish,” but there are no figs in it. Popular since the 1700s, it consists mainly of boiled green bananas and salted fish.

Fort Rodney

St. Lucia is home to Fort Rodney, an old British military base, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

This soothing waterfall can be found at Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, a 6-acre tropical retreat.

Rainforest Zip-Lining

St. Lucia holds plenty of adventure, including the chance to zipline through its rainforests.

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

R&B Artist KEM performs at the 2014 St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Held every May, the festival showcases various flavors of jazz from the U.S., Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

Diving Paradise

A diving paradise, St. Lucia’s waters include a stunning array of coral, sponge and marine life.


A scenic town on St. Lucia’s west coast, Soufriere has many hot springs and mineral baths -- no surprise given that its name means “sulphur in the air” in French.

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs is the world’s only drive-in volcano. It’s located on the southwestern end of St. Lucia.

Castries Market

Enjoy fresh papaya at Castries Market, a lively market filled with tropical fruits and vegetables.

Anse Chastanet Resort

Mountain biking in the Caribbean jungle of St. Lucia. Here, bikers take a break at Anse Chastanet Resort, which encompasses more than 600 tropical acres.

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