10 Must-See Places in Berlin

Only have a weekend to see all of Berlin? We've got you covered. Here are 10 places you can't miss during your visit to Germany's capital city.
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Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is probably the most famous structure in Berlin and perhaps all of Germany. This Roman-style wall has stood near the border of East and West Berlin since its completion in 1791.

East Side Gallery

A lasting reminder of a tortured past and a bright future, the East Side Gallery in Berlin is a stretch of the Berlin Wall along the Spree River. It has been turned into a memorial of the Cold War and a celebration of the city’s ever-growing art scene. 

Markthalle 9

Visit Markthalle 9 to experience the flavor of Berlin and the people who live there. A marketplace selling local, seasonal and sustainably grown foods, Markthalle 9 in the Kreuzberg neighborhood is a must-see destination during your visit to Berlin.

The Fernsehturm

The Fernsehturm (also known simply as the TV Tower), which stands in Berlin’s famous Alexanderplatz, is the tallest structure in Germany at more than 1,200 feet. 

The Prinzessinnengärten

The Prinzessinnengärten is an urban garden that’s smack-dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Berlin. Here, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables and even order from a cafe that uses food from its own garden.

The Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral stands on Museum Island in the borough of Mitte. The current building was constructed in the early part of the 20th century. Despite its common moniker, it is not actually a cathedral, since it has never been the seat of a bishop. However, it does hold regular church service.

25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

If you’re looking for a trendy new place to stay during your trip, check out the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. With a modern, chic design and cozy décor, it will make you feel right at home.

Reichstag Dome

Built in the years following the reunification of Germany, the Reichstag Dome is an all-glass structure that sits atop the also-rebuilt Reichstag Building, which houses the German parliament.

The Wyld

Germans may have had a reputation for being stern and close-minded, but not anymore. Check out The Wyld, a show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast theater, for a performance that is risqué, beautiful and thrilling all at the same time.

Alte Nationalgalerie

Another resident of Museum Island is the Alte Nationalgalerie, which houses some of the most treasured artwork in Germany. It was the original building for the National Gallery and now includes pieces from the neoclassical and Romantic movements. If you are a lover of art, you have to visit the Alte Nationalgalerie.

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