Unleashed Adventures in Madagascar

Discover your inner adventurer in Madagascar and visit the Alley of the Baobabs, go windsurfing in Antsiranana, witness a traditional moraingy combat match, go sunbathing in Nosy Be and much more!

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Tsimbazaza Zoo

Located in southern Antananarivo, Tsimbazaza Zoo and its botanical garden are one of a kind in Madagascar. The zoo has an environmental teaching center, a collection of unique species native to the country and a museum that offers multiple collections, including indigenous tribal carvings.

Antsiranana Windsurfing

Looking for an adventure in Madagascar? Antsiranana -- known as Diego Suarez prior to 1975 -- is a popular spot for windsurfing and kite surfing in Antsiranana. Thrill-seeking adventurers can go tree climbing in Vallee des Perroquets or take a low-key trip to Sainte Marie for whale watching.

Mahamasina Municipal Stadium

Become part of the local community in Antananarivo. Experience a rowdy rugby game or exciting soccer match at the multipurpose Mahamasina Municipal Stadium (Stade Mahamasina). The stadium seats 22,000 people but is capable of accommodating 40,000 spectators.

Madagascar Fody

Madagascar is home to 204 species of birds, including the Red Fody, also known as the Red Cardinal Fody. Diego Suarez, Amber Mountain, Tana, Perinet, Ifaty, Isalo and Ampijoroa are a few prime spots for bird-watching tours.

Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs -- a group of 20 to 25 baobab trees that line the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina -- is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madagascar. These trees are considered one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders and can live up to 800 years. Despite its popularity, the area has no visitor center or gate fees, and local residents receive little income from tourism.

Nosy Be

Welcome to Madagascar’s largest and busiest resort area, Nosy Be. Formed by volcanoes, the island is forested and has numerous craters and crater lakes. Its highest point is Mount Passot -- a 1,079-foot hike for the adventurous traveler.


Moraingy is a popular barefisted martial art that originated during Madagascar’s Maroseranana dynasty from 1675 to 1896. Young men and women between the ages of 10 and 35 who participate in these hand-to-hand combat matches are respected and sometimes feared by fellow villagers. As part of the experience, fighters and participants typically engage in dances during and between the matches to provoke the supporters of the opposing fighter.

Rova of Antananarivo

See where the royals lived from the 17th century through the 19th century when you visit the Lost Palace and Royal Rova in Antananarivo. Take a stroll along the maze of alleys and stairs linking the lower section of the city to the hillside area and see the summer palace of the queen, the eerie tomb complex and a museum with a salvaged collection of antiques, historical documents and royal artifacts.


While you’re in Madagascar, take an inexpensive airplane ride to the tranquil island of Mauritius. Go sunbathing on Pereybere Beach, shop in Grand Bay, explore the Balaclava Ruins or go mountain biking and hiking through the Labourdonnais Orchards.

Zebu Cattle Wrestling

Savika or zebu cattle wrestling is a popular spectator sport in Madagascar. It’s usually a rite of passage for young men who want to prove their manhood, and anyone who takes the daring dance with an angry zebu is considered a hero among locals and more attractive to women.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Wildlife explorers visiting southern and southwestern Madagascar may bump into this furry creature. Usually seen living in groups, ring-tailed lemurs are vocal -- as a means to socialize or call for help when they are in imminent danger. Andohahela National Park, Andringitra National Park, Isalo National Park, Tsimanampetsotse Amboasary Sud, Berenty Private Reserve and Anja Community Reserve are a few places to catch the ring-tailed lemur in action.


Explore and go sightseeing in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and the country’s largest city. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Colbert or Hotel Carlton, both equipped with top-notch amenities, including gourmet restaurants and boutiques. Outside of the hotels, tourists can try authentic Malagasy food at La Table de Mariette or sample French-influenced Malagasy food at Ku de Ta restaurant.

Go Diving!

Discover your inner adventurer in Madagascar and visit the Alley of the Baobabs, go windsurfing in Antsiranana, witness a traditional moraingy combat match, go sunbathing in Nosy Be and much more!

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