Experience La Boqueria

Dive in to the heart of Barcelona at La Boqueria, a huge open-air market where tourists and locals alike flock to get everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to savory meats and seafood.

La Boqueria

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, more commonly referred to as La Boqueria, is one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions and one of the city’s largest open-air markets.

Crowded Streets

A flurry of activity takes place inside the market as locals and tourists go from vendor to vendor looking for great food. 

Local Butcher

Customers can get fresh fruits and vegetables and even visit a local butcher.

Cured Meats

This butcher has a wide variety of salted, cured meat ready to sell.

Cold Drinks

Vendors also serve up delicious fruit drinks to help you cool off on a hot Barcelona day. 

Buckets of Options

Whether you want your fruit fresh or dried, you can get it at La Boqueria.

So Fresh and So Clean

Enjoy fresh fish? Well, how about watching it get cleaned right in front of you before taking it home to cook?

So Many Shellfish

If you’re more of a shellfish fan, no worries. There are stands that serve up fresh shrimp, mussels and more.

Belly Up to the Bar

The market is so big that it even has a few places where you can take a break from shopping, grab a cold drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

Laura i Marc Besora

Stop by Laura i Marc Besora to grab all the fruits and vegetables you could ever want.

Herbs and Spices

It wouldn’t be a Spanish market without a ton of fresh herbs and spices available.

Something's Fishy

While one row at Barcelona's La Boqueria may smell of fresh basil, this one clearly smells of fresh fish.

La Boqueria Vendor

At a typical stand at La Boqueria, this vendor offers up a variety of fresh vegetables, dried fruit and colorful spices.

Spicy Garden

Don’t forget the spice! There’s no better way to kick your salad up a notch than chili peppers, which are displayed in bunches hanging from the roof of this stand.

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