Free Admission: Creepy, Abandoned Amusement Parks Around the World

Once flooded with excited families, these fun parks have been left to nature, now forgotten and deserted. Do you find beauty in these decaying, spine-chilling spots?

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Kinderland (England, Unknown-2007)

Ride cables peek through the mist at the abandoned Kinderland in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Chippewa Lake Park (Ohio, 1878-1978)

The Tumble Bug spins no more at Chippewa Lake Park.

Parque Albanoel (Brazil, 2000-2005)

Christmas isn't so jolly at this abandoned holiday-themed fun park in Itaguai, Brazil.

Spreepark (Berlin, 1969-2002)

There's nothing welcoming about the abandoned SpreeBlitz track at the former Spreepark in Berlin.

Spreepark (Berlin, 1969-2002)

It's lonely at the log flume departure station at the former Spreepark.

Dogpatch USA (Arkansas, 1968-1993)

The Wild Water Rampage at the abandoned Dogpatch USA is quite parched.

Six Flags New Orleans (2000-2005)

Swampy overgrowth has taken over the lake at Six Flags New Orleans.

Six Flags New Orleans (2000-2005)

Taz, the tasmanian devil, tornadoed himself into a tangled mess at Six Flags New Orleans.

Dadipark (Belgium, 1950-2002)

A slide leads to nowhere at Dadipark in Belgium.

Magic Kingdom (Sydney, 1970s-1990s)

Does this doorway at Sydney's Magic Kingdom lead to a secret garden?

Enchanted Forest (Maryland, 1955-1995)

I wonder if this castle at the Enchanted Forest houses a talking clock and candelabra?

Enchanted Forest (Maryland, 1955-1995)

This ice cream shop at the Enchanted Forest is closed — indefinitely.

Old Fort Davis (Texas)

This old Western-themed fun park turned, literally, into a ghost town.

Loudoun Castle (Scotland, 1995-2010)

There's nothing creepy about this abandoned chair-o-planes shaped like a UFO spaceship at Loudoun Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland.

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