The World's Coolest, Craziest Water Rides

Beat the heat on one of these attractions, from iconic log flumes to the newest raft thrills.

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Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Holiday World

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Busch Gardens

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Silver Dollar City

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Europa Park

Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando

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Photo By: Photo Courtesy of Disneyland

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Kali River Rapids, Animal Kingdom

This raft ride just got a whole new twist now that Animal Kingdom is open at night. Try riding this in the dark! Be warned: you will get wet and potentially soaked.

Mammoth, Holiday World

Part water slide, part coaster, this hydromagnetic ride holds the Guinness World Record for longest water coaster. And at seven stories tall, some of the drops catch air. Designed as a six-person raft ride, you might be experiencing this facing forward or backward!

Na'vi River Journey, Animal Kingdom

Disney’s upcoming Avatar-inspired addition Pandora will feature a boat ride through the landscape of the fictional land. Na’vi River Journey takes riders along a sacred Pandoran river through a bioluminescent rain forest. Pandora is scheduled to open May 2017.

Escape From Pompeii, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

As the park’s website outlines, “Hold on tight as a leisurely boat ride through the ruins of this great city suddenly turns explosive.” Insider Tip: The heavier the boat, the bigger the splash!

Frozen Ever After, Epcot

This straight-forward boat ride doesn’t have dramatic spins, and you probably won’t get wet, but what’s fascinating about this ride is the new technology used on the animatronics. Facial video is projected onto figures making the characters look so lifelike it’s almost believable.

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, Universal Studios Orlando

This flume features a 75-foot drop that is guaranteed to soak the whole family, but the best part might be the “human-sized drying machines” available for a small fee at the end of the ride.

River Blast, Silver Dollar City

This is not your typical raft ride. Take part in America’s biggest water battle with riders and spectators alike armed with water guns blasting water down a 567-foot river channel.

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, Universal Studios Orlando

This is one of the larger rapids rides around as the ride itself holds 12 people per raft. And it’s not just the drops and turns to worry about. Watch out for an 18-foot octopus with 10-foot tentacles!

Poseidon, Europa Park Germany

Is it a roller coaster or is it a water ride? This German attraction takes riders through the world of Greek mythology with coaster drops down steep slopes into the world of the sea god.

Jurassic Park River Adventure, Universal Studios Orlando

Yes, the drop at the end is huge as the ride uses more than 1.5 million gallons of water, but the story throughout the ride is just as cool. Nearly escape life-like dinosaurs including a colossal T-Rex in this iconic boat ride.

Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom

At nearly 11 minutes long, it’s one of the longest rides at Magic Kingdom with multiple drops and sing-a-longs leading up to the grand finale. So many celebrities have been spotted on this ride, especially at the sister version in Disneyland, from Emma Stone to Chrissy Teigen to Reese Witherspoon.

Mountain Slidewinder, Dollywood

Billed as a family water slide, think of this ride as a Southern bobsled. You’ll literally slide down the mountainside, and the twists and turns are pretty steep. No one will be spared getting wet!

Grizzly River Run, Disney’s California Adventure

Modeled after sister Disney raft ride Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, designers kicked it up a notch as the rafts themselves spin while descending chutes.

Aquazone Wave Racers, Legoland Florida

Kids will love steering these spinning, hovering racers. And waging full-on water war with fellow riders! Parents beware: You might get wet watching from the observation stairs or bridge.

Diving Coaster, Cosmo World

The Yokohama, Japan theme park features a coaster that gives riders the feeling of diving straight into the ground, and on top of that the tunnel is totally submerged by water. Heads up: At the moment the car passes underground there are huge surges of water, so you will get wet!

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