The 15 Most Insta-Worthy Walls in Los Angeles

Grab your selfie sticks and hit the streets. We've got the 15 most Insta-worthy walls you should hit up the next time you're in Los Angeles.

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

Photo By: Greg Reitman

The Love Wall

Created by NYC-based artist Curtis Kulig for his "Love Me" campaign, you can find countless pictures of the #lovewall on Instagram. This is a favorite spot to take wedding or engagement photos, so be prepared to wait your turn when snapping photos.

Where: 8549 Higuera Street, Culver City

Black + White Drawings Wall

Birds, flowers, cacti — this sweet, painted wall has a little bit of everything. Because the artwork is so varied, you can take photos in a variety of spots depending on your mood. When you're done, walk across the street to Hugo's Tacos and grab a snack before you hit up your next wall.

Where: At the corner of Atwater Avenue and Glendale Boulevard, Atwater Village

Geometric Wall

This colorful, stained glass-inspired wall is a great one to hit up if you're tooling around the eclectic neighborhood of Venice. Created by artist LovebErto, a street artist originally from Miami, this is one of many walls he has painted around the LA area.

Where: San Juan Avenue and Abott Kinney Boulevard, Venice

Angel Wings Wall

These sweet angel wings were created by artist Colette Miller as part of her Global Angel Wings Project. She started off with one location and has now spread her wings all over the city (and the world, with painted wings in Australia, Kenya and Mexico).

Where: 8401 W. 3rd Street (near St. Regis Wine & Liquor)

Bird Mural

This large, colorful mural covers the entire back of a building in beachy Mar Vista. Created in conjunction with the city as part of a neighborhood beautification project, this mural is a truly stunning piece of street art. And because of its size, there's plenty of room for everyone to have a spot for some selfie action.

Where: Venice Boulevard at Grandview, Mar Vista

Hey, Lady Wall

Here's another rad Mar Vista wall mural worth checking out (and it's super close to the Bird Mural, too). Located on a small wall, this mural depicts a beautiful woman who looks like she might be staring right into your soul.

Where: 12218 Venice Boulevard (right next to Vintage on Venice)

Paul Smith Wall

Located in Hollywood, this pink wall at the Paul Smith boutique might just be the most famous wall in LA. Expect to wait in line to snap your photos on the weekends, and be prepared for a tricky parking situation. But once you get there, you're sure to get at least a few fab photos.

Where: 8221 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood

Rabbit Wall

We've got birds...angel wings...and a giant rabbit wall. Covering another building in the Mar Vista neighborhood, this mural is bold, bright and lots of fun. Pose for a photo with the rabbit or in front of the triangle part of the mural for a cool backdrop.

Where: Venice Boulevard at Grandview, Mar Vista

Mondrian Wall

Inspired by abstract Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, the Mondrian Wall is another great spot to visit when you're in town. This wall is located on the side of an art supply store, so when you're done snapping selfies, you can stock up on scented magic markers or sketchbooks.

Where: Artist & Craftsman Supply, 1660 South La Cienega Boulevard

Planet Salon Wall

Is it Marilyn Monroe? It sure looks like it, but we're not exactly sure. On the side of a hip salon in Hollywood is this gorgeous lady. Don't get too close to the cacti; have a friend snap a photo of you in the street in front of the mural when there's no traffic.

Where: Planet Salon, 668 North Kilkea Drive, Hollywood

Skateboarder Wall

This fun wall mural looks a bit more like the typical graffiti street art that many of us are used to. Created by artist Mark Paul Deren (@madsteez), his work can be seen all over the world.

Where: 12511 Venice Boulevard, Mar Vista

California Dreaming Wall

You can get a quintessential LA photo under this "California Dreaming" sign. Located on the side of a Chinese Laundry boutique, after you snap some selfies you can go shoe shopping before continuing on your wall crawl.

Where: 3485 La Cienega Boulevard, Baldwin Hills

Technicolor Ooze Wall

Artist Jen Stark created this cheeky wall mural, which is located in the hipster enclave of Culver City. The mural continues "oozing" its way around the building, around windows and doorways. It's a bit too high up to pose in front of, but you can still grab some great shots of the artwork.

Where: 8850 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Wylie Wilson Wall

This mural is located on the side of the Wylie Wilson boutique, a cool lingerie shop in Venice. Artist Jules Muck created this mural of two strong women who are, unsurprisingly considering the lingerie shop connection, saluting us in their skivvies.

Where: 490 Santa Clara Avenue, Venice

Saskia Mural

This wall mural from artist Joe Nicoletti looks a bit like a Tetris game. The serene blues and greens contrast nicely with the zesty yellow and yep, it all makes for a great photo background.

Where: Vidiots, 302 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica

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