Grateful Deadstinations

Go truckin' with the world's greatest jam band at these destinations from their long, strange trip.
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This poster for a 1966 concert at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco was the first appearance of the iconic "skeleton and roses" imagery used by the Dead throughout their career.

The Grateful Dead lived at this communal home on 710 Ashbury Street from 1966 to 1968. Their neighbors included Janis Joplin, Country Joe McDonald and Charles Manson.

The Dead were renowned for amazing live performances. Strangely, the biggest musical festival of the 1960s 'Woodstock' was not one of them. The Dead played under harrowing weather conditions and were literally shocked by their own instruments.

The concert hastily organized by the Rolling Stones in December 1969 at Altamont Speedway (now closed) proved to be another disaster for the Dead. The band was scheduled to perform, but declined to play due to the increasing violence spawned by the Hell's Angels who were hired to provide "security" at the venue.

The Grateful Dead made many appearances the famous Fillmore East club in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Several live albums were subsequently released of their performances there. The club is now closed, and a bank branch occupies the space. However, a sign and plaque mark the club's location.

In 1974, the Dead embarked on a tour that featured a revolutionary sound system made up of hundreds of stacked speakers called the 'Wall of Sound.' The tour kicked off on March 23, 1974, at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA.

The Grateful Dead performed several times at Colorado's unique Red Rocks open-air amphitheater that appears as if it were carved out of a mountain.

Thousands of Grateful Dead fans gather at a memorial erected to the memory of deceased Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on August 13, 1995.

A concert at Wisconsin's Alpine Valley Music Center featured the 4 surviving members of the Grateful Dead performing as "The Other Ones." It was the first time they had performed together since the death of guitarist Jerry Garcia in 1995.

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