Top 10 Fantasy Destinations

Tired of the same old trips? Then look no further for the best in adventures and luxurious excursions. Here are Travel Channel's picks for the best destinations we’re sure you’ve never visited.
By: Amanda DiGiondomenico
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Famous for its butterbeer and wand shops, Hogsmeade is a perfect weekend getaway for wizards and muggles alike. Full of history, the town is most beautiful in the winter when snow covers the thatched cottages and candles hang in the trees.

Far Far Away

In the kingdom of Far Far Away, you might see a fairy godmother or princess shopping at Abercrombie & Witch or Ye Olde Foot Locker. But the kingdom is known for more than its shopping. Its amusement park rivals anything in Orlando, with fortresses that guard dragons and the stray talking gingerbread man.

Never Land

The perfect place to escape the stress of adulthood, Never Land is easily reached by flight and conveniently located second to the right and straight on 'til morning. While here, you can mermaid-watch or have an imaginary food fight. It’s easy to lose track of time in this tropical paradise.

Gotham City

Crime has been on the decline here thanks to the exploits of a certain masked vigilante, making this city an up-and-coming destination for metropolitan travelers. Thanks to Gotham City's efforts to clean up its streets, this city is being touted as the next Manhattan.

Jurassic Park

Despite the destruction of the park in 1993 by an escaped T. rex, this zoo of sorts has reopened its gates. Located on Isla Nublar near Costa Rica, you can get here by helicopter and once on the island, see the once former extinct wildlife from the safety of a safari jeep. A buffet-style cafeteria offers all the Jell-O you can eat.


Get back to nature with a trip to the jungles of Pandora. While on safari, see an assortment of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the universe, including hexapedes and viperwolves. Don't miss the Tree of Souls, the tourist attraction in Pandora, known for its ability to bring the dying back to life.


Visit the Capitol for its outrageous fashion and wide array of culinary delights. Or venture over to District 1, known for its luxurious goods and jewelry, for a shopping excursion. If you happen to be in town in time for the hunger games, get ready for an extravaganza of Olympic proportions.


A visit to Middle-earth is like taking a step back in time -- 6,000 years, to be exact. Hike the Blue Mountains or take a tour of a hobbit's underground home in this forest-filled region. Learn Elvish, the language of the area, before you go -- or you might have a hard time finding your way around.


Check out Chalmun's Cantina when you visit this iconic planet for the lively atmosphere and catchy music. Just be sure not to stare at the locals; they tend to be slimy and a tad overweight. Remember to pack extra water reserves -- Tatooine is known for its deserts.


While you might have a hard time finding a way to Narnia, the trip is well worth the search. Have a conversation with a talking badger or just lounge on the shores of the Eastern Ocean. But stay away from the Wild Lands of the North where you might have a run-in with a giant.

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