12 Ways to Stay Fit on a Cruise

Battle the bulge while still enjoying the cruise lifestyle this summer with some helpful tips from Travel Channel.

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Follow These Simple Tips

Cruises have developed a reputation for fostering weight gain: all-inclusive food and drink and a lot of sedentary time spent sitting by the pool can wreak havoc on your waistline. To avoid the unnecessary weight-gain and still enjoy your vacation, live by these simple tips.

Take the Stairs

It’s easy to feel stuck on a ship, so work out those sea legs by taking the stairs as an alternative to the elevator. You can even make it your morning exercise. Try going up and down a few flights of stairs every day of your trip.

Take Advantage of the Gym

Most cruise lines include access to a fitness center in your all-inclusive package. So take your exercise regimen out to sea! Your body will thank you.

Take Fitness Classes

Some cruise lines also offer fitness classes, like yoga and Pilates, that may cost a little extra. Do your research beforehand to get the most out of your experience.

Get Active With Excursions

Cruises offer a host of adventurous and active excursions that will ensure your trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You could go hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, horseback riding and so much more in beautiful locations. Cruises allow you to see the world, but excursions let you be active in it.

Limit Your Treats

Remember: "all-you-can-eat" is not a challenge. Treat yourself on your trip but don’t overindulge. Try to limit yourself to three meals a day and try some of the healthier options offered. For example, seafood and salads are always a smart and safe choice.

All Onboard

Most modern cruise lines come equipped with volleyball and basketball courts, rock walls, jungle gyms and even surfing simulators as a fun alternative to the gym. Meet new people and stay fit at these cool onboard additions to your activity repertoire.

Hydrate the Hustle

Enjoy your time, but don’t forget to hydrate. Drinking water is a simple, easy way to stay healthy during your vacation. Bring a reusable water bottle you can easily refill and remind yourself to drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Drink in Moderation

Boozy drinks are full of fun... but also empty calories, so drink in moderation. Have fun and remember, stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is already important while you soak up the sun during your trip, but once you add alcohol to the mix - it’s vital.

Run or Walk the Plank (Deck)

Most cruises have a track on the upper deck for visitors to utilize during their stay. Log some miles as you walk or run in the open air, taking in the beautiful big blue view.

Avoid Weight Loss Spa Treatments

Sadly, there is still no way to lose weight at the spa. Although some treatments claim to attack unwanted weight, they only get rid of temporary water weight. Enjoy the spa but avoid the pricey treatments that won't help you stay healthy.

Dance the Night (and Calories) Away

Check out your cruise's dance club and parties for a fun way to drop calories. Dancing burns 350 to 450 calories an hour and you won't think of it as a work out.

Follow-up With an Excercise Plan at Home

Come up with a post-vacation exercise plan to get your body back in the swing of things on land. Even if you exercised on the cruise, keep the momentum going with a follow-up plan. If you took things easy during your break, that’s all the more reason to get to work when you get back home.

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