Unicorn Attractions Around the World

Here's where unicorn fans of all ages can find the magical creatures, including the brand-new Unicorn Island in the Philippines.

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Photo By: Theinflatableisland.com

Photo By: Unicorn Cafe

Photo By: Shutterstock/Travelview

Photo By: Shutterstock/Gonzalo Martinez

Photo By: Unicorn model. This white unicorn bathed in violet light, 10 feet long from tail to tip of horn, is featured in the special exhibition. © AMNH/D. Finnin

Photo By: Shutterstock/Koy Hipster

Photo By: Michelle Danahy

Photo By: Shutterstock/Raluca Teodorescu

Photo By: Shutterstock/Kuen Hoong

Photo By: Platterz

Photo By: Shutterstock/Big Blu Books