Best Thanksgiving Day Parades

Before you sit down for a turkey feast with family and friends, get in the holiday spirit at a Thanksgiving Day parade complete with giant balloons, festive floats and marching bands.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Giant balloon puppets debuted at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade back in 1927. Today, the annual event is one of the oldest Thanksgiving Day parades in the U.S.

Here Comes Santa!

Santa Claus rides on his sleigh down Central Park West during the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in N.Y.C. St. Nick’s arrival at the parade's grand finale signals the official season's start to Christmas in N.Y.C.

Houston's H-E-B Holiday Parade

Participants strike a pose in Houston's annual Thanksgiving celebration, which we’ve voted among the top Thanksgiving Day parades.

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade

Make it a long weekend in Chicago, while checking out "Chicago's Grand Holiday Tradition." You just may see Teddy Turkey strut his stuff; he's been the parade mascot since 2009.

America's Thanksgiving Parade

Giant balloons float above the street during Detroit's annual America's Thanksgiving Parade, which shares the title of second-oldest Thanksgiving parade (alongside the Macy's parade). Plus, check out our own Andrew Zimmern's Detroit-inspired pumpkin pie.

Carolinas' Carrousel Parade

Yep, that is "Carrousel" with two r's. Founded in 1947, this parade through Charlotte, N.C., is the fourth-largest in America, with an estimated 100,000 spectators.

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

So what is the nation’s oldest Thanksgiving parade? Head to Philadelphia to find out! The 1.4-mile 6ABC Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1920, sponsored by a popular department store of the day.

America's Hometown Parade

Upping the ante, America’s Hometown Parade, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, bills itself as "America’s only historically accurate, chronological parade." Inspired by the Pilgrims’ establishment of Plymouth Colony, the parade foregoes giant balloons of popular characters for parade features based on the history of the U.S., from the 1600s up to the present, with a Santa Claus float at the end.

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