Travel Channel Hosts' New Year's Resolutions

A new year brings new resolutions. Looking for ideas to put on your list? See what Travel Channel’s hosts have in mind for their own New Year’s resolutions.

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The Dead Files’ Amy Allan has 3 New Year’s resolutions: to quit smoking, maintain an exercise routine (“that includes weights!” she says) and get her esthetician and yoga teacher licenses.

Andrew Zimmern doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. “Why wait for Jan. 1 to do something you believe makes the world a better place?” he says. Here's what Andrew’s been focusing on lately: 1.) lose more weight; 2.) exercise more; 3.) spend more time with family; 4.) return phone calls and emails more promptly; 5.) keep focusing on being a better listener.” His advice to others: “Don’t wait to make your list and ‘get into action.’ Being stuck in ‘thinking’ about problems and solutions is no way to live."

Don Wildman's New Year's goals: Get to know 10 new cheeses. See the aurora borealis. Be a better letter writer (especially to his 86-year-old mom and 4-year-old niece). Take more naps. Read more books. And take fish oil pills. Plus, invest more in world-improving companies and give more generously to life-saving organizations. Oh, and look back on this list in 2013, shake his head, and try again.

Truck Stop’s Joe Bechtold will take a diving course. Start recording adventures of his "misspent" youth (“before they go missing ‘permanently,'" he says). Practice fly fishing more (“so that I actually start catching trout!”) Drink more big red wines. Drink less cheap beer. Finally organize his office. Read more books (and use his iPhone less). And take his family camping more.

Hidden City’s Marcus Sakey doesn’t make resolutions. “Pair a hedonistic streak with a stunning lack of willpower, and the result is that self-denial is not my thing,” he says. In lieu of resolutions, here’s what Marcus has planned for the year: Return to Alaska (“I fell in love shooting the Anchorage episode”). Play chess and drink whiskey with his father. Finish a novel. Convert his basement into an office (“complete with fireplace”). Read to his baby daughter, who's set to arrive in February ("I’m picking books already”).

The Dead Files’ Steve Di Schiavi keeps his New Year’s resolution short and sweet: “To be more patient,” he says.

For Sand Masters’ Sue McGrew: “Live healthier, live better: Eat organic and natural foods. Stay away from over-processed junk food. Stop using chemical sunscreens. Stay away from cheap products imported from China. Drink water out of my personal water bottles. Create less trash, recycle more. Exercise at least every other day.”

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