Extreme Houseboats

Take a permanent vacation on the water. From multimillion-dollar floating mansions to a personal island getaway, check out the most extreme houseboats around.

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Of the all the themed floating hotels known as the "Hollywood Houseboats," the Yellow Submarine has the most psychedelic paint job.

Inside the Yellow Submarine's living room, located at Albert Dock in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

The Inachus houseboat docked at its home in London.

An inside look at the modern and spacious kitchen of the Inachus.

The Chelsea Piers marina, where the Emma Belle is docked in New York.

The imported spiral staircase aboard the Emma Belle in New York.

A comfy place to relax on the water, the Dominguez houseboat in Portland, OR, offers a swanky, lofted living room.

When not in the houseboat, the Dominguez family likes to take to the water in their speedboat.

The Midnight Sun houseboat is framed by the skyline of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The great room aboard the Midnight Sun offers all the comforts of home in a posh seaside setting.

More likely to be seen in a beach bungalow, this room is aboard the Yellow Ferry in Sausalito, CA.

The Yellow Ferry as seen from the water.

"The Balloon Barge," owned by Ralph Peligra, stays close to the dock in Sausalito, CA.

The open first-floor plan of “Watervilla” in Kortenhoef, Netherlands.

“Joysxee” is an island formed on plastic bottles in the Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico.

Mark Nash is the owner of the Susie Q, aka the "Nomadic Narrowboat," on the River Cam in Cambridge, England.

An exterior look at the "Frajac" in Ghent, Belgium.

The "Artic Houseboat" sits on an icy pond in Yellowknife, Canada.

David Drimmer sits atop his airplane-style houseboat, the Cosmic Muffin.

An inside look at the Cosmic Muffin, including its small but effective bar area.

This 3-bedroom houseboat, the Queen of Arts, is docked at the Gateway Marina in New York.

Leni Miller, owner of Dragon Boat, stands atop her boat pointing to other houseboats, with scenic Sausalito, CA, in the background.

A shot of the chicken coop located on the back of the 1907 Yankee Ferry.

Catch a view of the water from the back of the Draper family’s houseboat-home.

A view of the home’s patio and the lake from a large window of this extreme houseboat docked in Washington State.

Take a look at America's first-ever floating chapel, located in Sarasota, FL.

The Green family's houseboat contractor, Marc Even, discusses details, such as a cement fireplace, that he put into the living room.

Terry and Shelly Aff stand on the second floor of their luxurious houseboat, "Aff-ter Hours," which looks out onto the water.

A shot of the kitchen, lined with maple cabinetry; the living room, filled with fine leather couches; and the staircase, leading up to the bedroom.

The exterior of Metro Ship, docked in the Gateway Marina. The NYC skyline, including the Empire State Building, sits in the background.

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