Bike Gear Guide

There’s an endless amount of gadgets and gizmos for your bicycle -- here are 10 of our favorites that will keep you happy on the open road all summer long.

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Goal Zero Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying at the end of a ride while sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire. Bike bummers like this no longer exist with these portable solar chargers. Simply aim the panel at the sun and all your gadgets will stay fully charged.

The Atom

Bicycle generators have been around for ages in Europe but they’re a bit clunky. The Atom, however, is a highly efficient device that easily mounts on most bicycles and will charge anything with a USB connection. As opposed to solar chargers, it doesn’t have to be sunny for this baby to work its magic.

Cruiser Cooler Handlebar Bag

A lovely bike ride complete with a picnic is about as romantic as it gets, and this handy little bag is your most loyal wingman. It’s made of recycled bike tubes, connects easily to handlebars and is insulated to keep beverages warm or cool.

KEEN's Commuter Sandals

It’s no fun to wear stinky bike shoes during the sweaty summer months -- that’s where these sandals save the day. They’re rigid like a bike shoe (clipless pedal compatible) and vented to keep your feet cool. Bonus: By the end of the summer, you’ll have the coolest tiger-striped tan lines in town!

Boombotix Portable Speakers

This stylish little party pack keeps you grooving as you hammer out the miles. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, easily connects to your handlebars or backpack, and is loud enough to entertain everyone on the block.

Schwalbe Marathon Tires

Let’s face it, flat tires are the worst part of cycling; there’s no bigger headache. These extra-tough road warriors are about the closest thing you can get to tank treads. They cost more than regular tires, but you’ll rarely get a flat and you’ll ride confidently into the sunset, over and over again.

Ergon BioKork Grips

These super comfy grips prevent achy palm syndrome caused by hours of riding. As an added bonus, they’re made of cork from sustainable forests in Portugal.

BOB Trailer

This 1-wheeled carriage is a must for hauling groceries (careful with eggs!), bringing Rover to the park or touring thousands of miles across country. It’s super simple to connect and instantly turns your bike into a soccer mom SUV.

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