Park Secrets: Bright Lights, Big City

See the Parthenon in Nashville's Centennial Park, walk the High Line over Chelsea Market in Manhattan and visit the state capital building in Massachusetts.

Nashville's Parthenon is a scale replica of the original in Athens, Greece.

Built in an elaborate Beaux-Arts style, Nashville's Hermitage Hotel plays host to country music stars and politicians alike.

Nashville's Centennial Park houses many curiosities, like an old bomber plane from the Tennessee Air Guard.

An antique train car sits in Nashville's Centennial Park.

Lake Watauga in Nashville's Centennial Park.

The High Line in Manhattan intersects with Manhattan's Chelsea Market.

The High Line incorporates modern architecture and indigenous plant life to create a unique urban park 30-feet above the city streets.

The Standard Hotel straddles the High Line with floor-to-ceiling windows and fantastic views.

The High Line incorporates wooden lounge chairs into its modern design, allowing pedestrians to linger in the afternoon sun.

A selection of produce on sale at Chelsea Market.

Manhattan's Standard Hotel features a seasonal skating rink just off the High Line.

Jamaica Pond is the largest fresh water lake in the state of Massachusetts and part of the Emerald Necklace chain of parks.

Old-school Boston diner Sorella's serves up generous breakfast fare, including dozens of pancake varieties.

An outside shot of the state capitol building in Massachusetts.

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