Park Secrets: Winter Wonderland Pictures

Park Secrets: Winter Wonderland showcases some of the most beautiful places to spend your winter break.

The beautiful and popular mountains of Mammoth Lakes, CA, are a skier's paradise. Nestled close to Nevada, Mammoth Lakes is 5 hours from both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

With pockets of hot springs, this stretch of eastern California is a perfect place for hikers to warm up.

A breathtaking view from the top of Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Mementos from the 1980 medal-round men's ice hockey game "Miracle on Ice" are housed at the US Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.

Skiers ride the ski-lift to the top of Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

A signpost points the way to various ski runs on the top of Mammoth Mountain. The different symbols on the map signify the level of difficulty for a particular run, the diamondback being one of the more difficult runs.

A shot from the bottom of a ski run on Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

A map of the bobsled track at the Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid, NY.

The von Trapp family, whose story was depicted in The Sound of Music, started the Trapp Family Lodge in the 1950s in Stowe, VT.

Along with a brewery, an abundance of meeting room space and accommodations for guests, the Trapp Family Lodge offers a cozy libray accessible to guests.

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