Travel Channel's Most Memorable Moments of 2011

A daring trip to Cuba. An undercover stint in NYC. The surprises didn’t end there in 2011. Check out our roundup of Travel Channel’s most memorable moments of the year.

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This year, Anthony Bourdain was finally permitted to visit Cuba. In his tour-de-force trip, Tony took in a baseball game, Cuba’s “national religion.”

Before creating a sand sculpture in NYC’s Times Square, the Sand Masters’ crew toured the Iwo Jima aircraft carrier.

This massive sand sculpture, built during Fleet Week in NYC, honored different branches of the US military.

Ghost Adventures’ Zak and Nick sat down with country legend Loretta Lynn to talk about her haunted Tennessee plantation.

Adam gets pumped up for the NFL season kickoff in Green Bay, WI. Here, he blocks a tackle while balancing Kroll’s famous prime rib sandwich.

Adam and the Packers mime bond before the NFL season kickoff at Lambeau Field.

In his trip to Seattle for Off Limits, Don Wildman braves the Space Needle, a stomach-turning 520 feet above the city.

This year, Anthony Bourdain turned time to kill into a killer time on his new show, The Layover. Here, Tony talks cocktails at NYC’s Bemelmans Bar.

This year Andrew returned to NYC, where he got his start in the restaurant business, and worked in the kitchen of a few restaurants. Here, he savors the smell of handmade lobster burrata.

Meet your waiter! Andrew’s NYC trip included going undercover at The Meatball Shop.

Tony on bungee-jumping in Macau: "Free falling ... this was the fun part. A relief after standing there with calves turning to jelly, waiting, waiting."

Physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD detective Steve Di Schiavi intrigued viewers this year with their new series, The Dead Files. In each episode, they explore the scene of a crime separately and only convene at the end to compare notes -- often to shocking result.

Lizzie Borden took an axe … and gave her mother 40 whacks. Kids reenact creepy moments from Lizzie Borden’s life, as Ghost Adventures’ Zak, Nick and Aaron gear up for their paranormal investigation.

In The Layover, Tony and friend Sara Pampaloni cruise the streets of Rome in a classic Fiat 500.

A suave Adam (with director Tony Biancosino channeling Captain Stubing?) were in Louisville, KY, this year for the annual derby.

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