America's Wildest Roads: Wet and Wild

Tornado Alley, The Dragon, the Overseas Highway and Route 4 ... these are just 4 of the roads featured in this special all about the wet and wild roads of the US.

In the Smoky Mountains, near the North Carolina-Tennessee border, lies a black-top beast known as The Dragon. It attracts motorcycle riders from all over.

The road has so many hairpin turns that it is easy to wipe out with one wrong move.

The Overseas Highway connects the Florida Keys to the rest of the outside world. While it may be a long journey to get to things like a grocery store, life along the highway is certainly unique.

Route 4 is a major east-west road in Vermont. Locals, tourists and commercial truckers all travel this thoroughfare.

Hurricane Irene dropped 11 inches of rain in 12 hours, leaving much of Route 4 washed away. Residents had to flee quickly while there was still a road to travel on.

This off-road trail in West Virginia is one of the toughest in the South to traverse.

This old Appalachian road is muddy and wet. It takes teamwork to make it through.

US 71 in southeast Missouri IS Tornado Alley. When a tornado hit Joplin, MO, in May 2011, many truckers faced their worst nightmare of driving into the storm. Many trucks couldn't handle it.

Major accidents occurred along US 71 that drivers were lucky to survive.

In the Grand Canyon, Diamond Creek Road is the only path to drive from rim to river. The rocky terrain sometimes leads to busted car windshields.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park's rocky and narrow canyon walls don't allow for vehicles. And did we mention the flash floods that wash out the roads?

The views of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are amazing.

Route 9 in the North Georgia mountains, is one of the most famous roads in US history. It is known as Thunder Road. Local David Sosebee loves to relive the glory days of bootleggers transporting moonshine in their Fords.

Death Valley Highway in Nevada can be a lonely road. It is famous for hosting inexplicable phenomena.

The Extraterrestrial Highway gets its nickname because of the strange aberrations that occur there.

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