Get a look at some awesome RVs and where to park them! Tour a million-dollar motor mansion, kick back in a classic Airstream and host a sophisticated beach party with a tricked-out teardrop camper.

The "Wine Woody,” a teardrop camper designed by Silver Teardrops. The camper can be towed by a car and doesn’t need any hookups, but that doesn’t mean you’ll rough it. These custom woody trailers come with a full bar, entertainment system and sleep cabin.

Spend the night at the scenic Malibu Beach RV Park.

A modern Airstream trailer parked in Laguna Beach, CA. The modern Airstreams are still built with the aeronautical touches that made them famous, but they also have modern appliances and electricity.

The kitchen of a modern Airstream trailer.

For guests who want the beach RV experience but don’t feel like driving one, the StarLux Boutique Hotel in Wildwood, NJ, has 2 classic Airstream trailers for rent. Get all the benefits of RV camping by the beach without any of the work!

The luxurious interior of a Vantare Featherlite Coach.

Featherlite Coaches are not ordinary RVs; they are rolling mansions with automated sliding doors, high-end finishes, full bathrooms, multiple slide-outs and complete touchscreen controls.

Each Featherlite Coach takes thousands of man-hours to build and is a rolling work of art.

The UNICAT TerraCross 52 crawls over the Oceano Dunes in Pismo Beach, CA. Normally the dunes are meant for dune buggies and ATVs, but they are no problem for this RV. Designed for expeditions, this RV can stay out for 3 months in the wilderness, and travel up to 2,000 miles on a single fill-up.

The comfortable cab of the UNICAT TerraCross 52.

At the Heritage Motor Coach Resort in Orange Beach, AL, RV owners can park their multi-million-dollar motor homes and enjoy the resort-style amenities, including an infinity-edge pool, a hut tub and a full boat marina.

Jill and Brad Robins, the owners of Hawaii Campers, pose in front of "Tiki,” one of their VW camper rentals. This VW popup camper will have you exploring the island in style.

One of Hawaii Campers’ VW campers on Yokohama Bay on the island of Oahu.

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