Extreme Engagements: Adventure Wedding Proposals That Take Love to a New Level

From skydiving to mountain climbing, these couples' destination proposals are romantic and dramatic.

August 08, 2019
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Photo By: @mountainmamaliving

Photo By: Lindsey Shaun Christensen Photography

Photo By: Cory Steffen - Salt Lake City

Photo By: Cory Steffen - Salt Lake City

Michael Perez and Jennifer Unck

Proof that love knows no bounds (or national boundaries), some couples take their wedding proposals to extremes. These adventurous teams hike, waterski, heli-ski and travel the world for fun, so it's no wonder they choose the edge of cliffs or mountaintops for the ultimate expression of their love.

Syracuse, Utah couple Michael Perez and Jennifer Unck are longtime outdoor adventurers whose proposal was in keeping with their love of extreme experiences. Though Jen thought she and Michael were just hiking the Trolltunga Trail in Odda, Norway (one of the most popular hiking spots in Norway with 100,000 hikers in 2018), Michael had laid the groundwork for his proposal plan.

Find out about Norway's hiking code here.

The Couple That Hikes Together

Michael and Jenn share a love of hiking, something they always incorporate into their travels. When the couple embarked on the 17-mile hike on Norway's Trolltunga Trail in May 2019, Jenn had no idea what Michael had planned.

Reaching New Heights

With the help of a buddy who launched a drone to record the moment, Michael urged Jenn out onto the dramatically jutting Trolltunga rock formation almost 2300 feet above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway's Odda municipality. That beautiful, natural backdrop marked the couple's commitment, as Michael got down on one knee to pop the question.

I Do

Jenn said yes, and 8 months later the couple were married at the Ides Temple in Salt Lake City. They had their reception outdoors on the Wasatch Mountain range where they live.

Zac and Kaestle Muir

Salt Lake City, Utah couple Zac and Kaestle Muir have always enjoyed sports and the outdoors, so it made sense for Kaestle to give Zac the gift of skydiving for Valentine's Day.

Falling in Love

What Kaestle didn't know was that Zac took full advantage of that skydiving experience to hatch a plan to propose to Kaestle once the couple reached the ground.

Sky's the Limit

On the ground Zac had Kaestle's brother Duke Moose (who also happens to be a wedding photographer!) waiting with flowers and an engagement ring, which he handed off to Zac. Duke recorded the proposal and Kaestle's happy "yes" and the rest is matrimonial history.

Adventure Wedding

Kaestle and Zac once again celebrated their love of nature in a wedding set against this stunning mountain backdrop.

Jarred and Sophie Entringer

Salt Lake City, Utah couple Jarred and Sophie had been dating for 14 months. One of their very first adventure dates was a rock climb.

Anniversary Hike

Jarred and Sophie returned to that same hike locale one year after their first date where Jarred had formulated an elaborate, romantic proposal plan.

It's Official

Jarred created an elaborate trail of love notes at stops along the way, as Sophie climbed the rock face. By the second note Sophie knew a proposal was probably in her future.

Mountain Magic

Once again celebrating their love of adventure, Sophie and Jarred were married in a ceremony that demonstrated the importance of love and love of the great outdoors for the couple.

Moving Up in the World

Even the cake at Sophie and Jarred's wedding referenced the couple's love of rock climbing with an adorable hiker silhouette scaling their multi-tiered cake.

Natalie and Tim Koehler

Denver, Colorado couple Tim and Natalie Koehler shared a love of extreme sports from skiing to mountain biking. When Tim and Natalie took a bucket list trip to Whistler in British Columbia to heli-ski, Natalie might have expected a proposal from Tim, expect for one critical complication.

It's Complicated

Though heli-skiing at Whistler might seem like proposal perfection, Natalie had let Tim know that she would never want a proposal from Tim while he sported the mustache she so disliked. But Tim had a plan...

Groomed for Love

Once Tim and Natalie touched down on the mountaintop, Tim said he had to make a bathroom run. He snuck away, shaved his mustache off and returned to pull down his ski-mask and reveal his mustache-free face and act of sneaky subterfuge. One year later the couple married and the rest has been happily ever after.

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