Extreme Adventure Sports

See the most extreme sports adventures around the world, from spear fishing to skydiving.
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A rock-climber takes on the Peabody Boulders in Buttermilks, Bishop, CA.

Bungee-jumping as a sport became popular in the 1980s. Here a brave sole plunges high above a river.

There are about 10 different Santa Maria Caves on the north side of Comino Island, the small island between Gozo and Malta. Some are dead ends, but others, like this one, offer breathtaking swim-throughs for cave divers.

A parkour athlete and free runner performs in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

During a high jump, a motocross rider catches some air on a mountainous course.

A mountain biker tackles a steep (and rocky) trail.

Taking off from a cliff, a paraglider sails along the mountaintops.

In Mt. Arapiles, Victoria, Australia, a rock climber clings to a ledge.

That's not a shark tank, but a courageous scuba diver manages to get up close and personal with a shark.

A skier goes airborne while free-riding through the Alps.

A female and 2 male skydivers link together during freefall.

The best free-diving spear fishers, like the one shown here, can hold their breath for 2 to 4 minutes.

A surfer finds himself in the barrel of the wave in California.

Whitewater rafters go over a waterfall on the Kaituna River in New Zealand.

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