NCAA Travel Championship: Lexington vs. Lawrence

As 2 of the most storied programs in college basketball square off for a chance to call themselves national champions, check out the historic sites and scenery that Kentucky and Kansas call their own.
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Campus vs. Campus
The William T. Young Library on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.

Campus vs. Campus
The Jayhawk statue outside of Strong Hall on the campus of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.

Venue vs. Venue
Rupp Arena plays host to the Kentucky Wilcats men's basketball team.

Venue vs. Venue
Phog Allen fieldhouse plays host to the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team.

Landmark vs. Landmark
The Kentucky Horse Park boasts over 1,220 acres of rolling greens and plenty of beautiful horses.

Landmark vs. Landmark
Douglas County Courthouse sits on the south end of downtown Lawrence.

Skyline vs. Skyline
Downtown Lexington, KY.

Skyline vs. Skyline
Downtown Lawrence, KS.

Iconic Food or Drink vs. Iconic Food or Drink
According to the Kentucky Distillers Association, 95% of bourbon, America's only native spirit, is produced in Kentucky.

Iconic Food or Drink vs. Iconic Food or Drink
Kansas is known for their barbecue, especially their ribs.

Transportation vs. Transportation

Transportation vs. Transportation
KU on Wheels.

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