Our Hosts’ Favorite Summer Getaways

From the penny candy shops of Cape Cod to the outdoor festivals of Chicago, see the destinations your favorite Travel Channel hosts daydream about during the summer months.
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“Escaping to Aruba for a family vacation, Veronique, Annabelle and I had a blast! The weather is always 80 degrees, the ocean is crystal clear and the water is amazing to swim in. The pina coladas quench an adult’s thirst while chilling on the beach. I love ARUBA! Best island to escape to!” – Nick Groff, Ghost Adventures


“For me, I love sweet home Chicago. It’s already a deeply cool city with some of my favorite restaurants, museums, clubs and theatre companies, and during the summer, the weather is great, there are terrific beaches and outdoor festivals and the city has an underrated music scene that gets to shine. Go get wet in the fountains by the art institute, take a pic under the bean and try the Cacio e Pepe at RPM and thank me later.

(My quick picks: Restaurants: Sunda, RPM; Museums: Art institute, Shedd; Clubs: Underground; Theatre: Second City, Steppenwolf)” – Adam Richman, Fandemonium

San Louis Valley

“My favorite summer getaway is going camping in the San Louis Valley in Colorado. Every summer there is a large UFO conference, with fun speakers and lots of hiking in the sand dunes; it is a great time. There are also several hot springs that are awesome to visit and absorb the natural healing waters.” – Amy Allan, The Dead Files

RV Road Trip

“One of the best summer trips we’ve ever taken was when we rented an RV and visited a bunch of national parks in the Southwest. It took a ton of planning and nerves of steel to maneuver a 40-foot mobile home through some very narrow roads, but the resulting 2-week trip was incredible. We managed to hit the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Mesa Verde, as well as make stops in Chama, NM, and rural west New Mexico. Traveling with all of your stuff is a very different way to vacation but everyone should try it at least once. It's a great way to see America.” – George Motz, Burger Land


Sturgis, South Dakota, during Bike week ... I've rode there 3 times.” – Billy Leroy, Baggage Battles

Nantucket Island

“Simple: summer equals ocean. There are no better beaches than on either end of Nantucket Island where the sound meets the open water and waves white-tip in the wind. The seagulls know it. At sunset, they congregate en masse, facing westward to witness the close of day. It’s, like ... religious, man.” – Don Wildman, Monumental Mysteries and Mysteries at the Museum

The Jersey Shore

“Born and bred in New Jersey, I join the ranks of fellow Jersey boys Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen when I say ... there is nothing like the Jersey Shore. Try and stay away from the crowded hot spots like Asbury Park or Seaside Heights, and go for the quieter Beach Haven or Beach Haven Crest. For a real treat, check out The Chicken or the Egg (featured on Travel Channel) for enormous food portions with reasonable prices.” - Jordan Hembrough, Toy Hunter

BBQ at Home

“I never went on vacations much in the summer. It was always hanging out in the neighborhood, BBQs, swimming and having a good time with friends. Just enjoying the outdoors. I do remember the summer trip I took to Disneyland when I was a kid with my family. That was when I was 7 years old and still believed in Santa. Those where the good days :)” – Aaron Goodwin, Ghost Adventures


“Truth is, it's been years since we've had a “summer getaway.” Since we're in the Halloween business, we're always super busy in the summer. Probably one of my favorite places to go in the summer when we get a chance is Larkspur, Colorado. My mom and sister live there, out in the country. Some years we go down for the Renaissance Festival and then go over to their house and relax by the pool; they pamper us horribly, so we're super spoiled! :-)” – Ed and Marsha Edmunds, Making Monsters

Stone Island

“Our favorite place to go is Stone Island outside of Mazatlan, Mexico. Lety’s on the beach is our favorite place to hang. You can play in the water and even ride horses on the beach. It’s very uncrowded for a Mexican tourist area. To get to Stone Island, a ferry is needed. Upon arrival you need to walk a bit of a distance to get to the beach. Lety’s is on the beach and has tables in the sand. (We actually had a Thanksgiving dinner there.)” – Lawrence and Sally Martin, Baggage Battles

Cape Cod

“Every year my parents, my 2 sisters and I would head to Cape Cod for a week. We’d spend the entire day on the beach and in tidal pools searching for sand dollars. At the end of the day, we were each given 25 cents for the penny candy store, I'd wrap red licorice string around my salty fingers and eat it. I still remember that taste.” – Samantha Brown

Cabin on the Lake

“I really enjoy a getaway on a lake with a pontoon boat, to relax on. With a cabin that overlooks the water, but the cabin has to have luxurious amenities ... lol” – Steve Di Schiavi, The Dead Files


“I like Carmel, CA. The high temps only reach the 60s and there is constant fog ... it's like Dracula weather. I’m not a hot weather jam-packed-beach kinda guy! The Lord of the Rings feel combined with haunted places like the Irish-castle influenced Tor House and Point Sur Lighthouse, where we actually did Ghost Adventures episodes, make me feel like I’m at a gothic European coast in Ireland. I also love the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey ... they steam fresh dungeness crab with Old Bay seasoning! My kinda summer spot.” – Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures

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