The 10 Greenest States for 2019

Just in time for Earth Day, WalletHub ranks the ten greenest states in America for 2019.

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10: New Hampshire

Personal finance site WalletHub used 27 key metrics to determine 2019's greenest states including energy-efficiency score and carbon-dioxide emissions per capita. The study found that blue states like New Hampshire tend to be overall greener than red states.

9: South Dakota

South Dakota ranks number five in the nation for the highest air quality.

8: Rhode Island

Rhode Island's Block Island is comprised of 17 miles of pristine beaches, wildlife preserves and hiking trails. Rhode Island has the lowest energy consumption per capita of all 50 states.

7: California

The number seven greenest state in the country, California ranks in the top 5 for the lowest energy consumption per capita.

6: Massachusetts

Massachusetts ranks among the top 5 states for the most LEED-certified buildings per capita, one mark of a state's "green" credentials.

5: Minnesota

Minnesota has the highest water quality in the nation and is tied for the number one slot for highest soil quality, next to Michigan, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

4: Connecticut

The Mystic Seaport is one of the first living history museums in America, having opened in 1929. The number four greenest state in the country, Connecticut ranks within the top 5 states for lowest energy consumption per capita.

3: Oregon

Cannon Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast is just one reason Oregon is known as a state with tremendous natural beauty. According to WalletHub, it's a natural beauty locals feel inclined to protect, making it the third greenest state in America. The WalletHub green survey found that, "Oregon has the highest share of energy consumption from renewable sources, 47.69 percent, which is 17.2 times higher than in Delaware, the state with the lowest at 2.78 percent."

2: New York

Camping in the Thousand Islands area on the St. Lawrence River is one way locals take advantage of New York state's ample natural beauty. As the second greenest state in America, New York ranks high for a key measure of a state's "green" cred: driving. According to WalletHub "New York has the highest share of people who do not drive to work, 45.90 percent, which is 3.5 times higher than in Alabama and Mississippi, the states with the lowest at 13.30 percent."

1: Vermont

Vermont has some of the best air quality in the nation, part of the reason it ranked number one as the greenest state in America. The state with the lowest green ranking in 2019 was Louisiana.

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