Ben Hansen taking a selfie with KD Stafford, Sarah Lemos, and Jereme Leonard.

Former federal agent and expert in extraterrestrial/paranormal affairs Ben Hansen, paranormal investigator Jereme Leonard, psychic medium Sarah Lemos and tech advisor K.D. Stafford are the paranormal investigative team featured in Travel Channel’s “Ghosts of Morgan City.” When Morgan City, Louisiana, began experiencing a surge in unusual emergency calls related to paranormal activity, the town’s police chief recruited the team of specialists to help solve these paranormal mysteries.

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen being interviewed.

Ben Hansen’s paranormal inspiration stems from the series, “The X-Files.” Hansen grew up watching the series frequently, which gave him an insatiable desire to explore mysteries of the unknown. To transform this passion into a career, Hansen went to the University of Utah, graduating with a degree in sociology and criminology. After graduation, he worked for several private and public agencies investigating a wide range of crimes, eventually becoming a federal agent. While Hansen has an impressive track record investigating cases at the state and federal levels, he is still anchored in his “X-Files” roots and pursues paranormal cases. Hansen’s knowledge of criminal investigation and paranormal investigation has caught the attention of several media outlets. Breaking down captured media of alleged Bigfoot, UFO and ghost events, Hansen provides his expert opinion on some of the most current viral stories in the press. He has presented his research and findings at dozens of conferences across the globe.

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Jereme Leonard

Jereme Leonard grinning.

By day, Jereme Leonard is a firefighter with Louisiana’s Tangipahoa Parish, but by night, Leonard tackles his true passion as a paranormal investigator. He has been a working demonologist for the past 10 years and a paranormal investigator for over 14 years. He’s also an ordained minister, author of the book “The Dwelling, A Dark Entity” and the founder of the Cajun ministry.“I’m a people magnet and spirit magnet,” Leonard says. “They’re drawn to me.” Leonard’s spiritual encounters range from nice to a little rough around the edges. He’s been poked, pushed, punched and even had a washing machine thrown at him.

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Sarah Lemos

Sarah Lemos.

Sarah Lemos is a real life “firestarter,” but has learned how to control her abilities and use them to help people through her career as a psychic medium. Lemos is certified through Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development, and she currently gives readings worldwide. Her true goal is to change the world’s view on death and dying. When she’s not headlining spiritual and paranormal events, Lemos educates students in metaphysics.

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K.D. Stafford

K.D. Stafford, Ben Hansen, Jereme Leonard, and Sarah Lemos standing by the shore at sunset.

K.D. Stafford is known as the “paranormal mad scientist.” Stafford uses advances in technology to build better paranormal research equipment that pushes the envelope. He has built ghost helmets that allow everyday people to heighten their sixth sense and also built advanced sky rim mirrors that use LED lights to see spirits and the most advanced ghost boxes on the market. Stafford is a U.S. Army veteran with nearly eight years in service as a combat equipment technician and noncommissioned officer. In the army, he was exposed to maintaining mechanical and electronic systems in high-tech combat vehicles, and he found an interest in electronics and microcomputers. Stafford’s passion for the paranormal began in his early childhood. He has always loved investigating and studying unusual occurrences. Stafford is now on a mission to use technology to find answers to the spooky and unexplained.

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