Fandemonium: Arctic Man Alaska Pictures

Every year, the tiny town of Paxson, AK, explodes with fans of Arctic Man, one of the world’s most difficult downhill ski races.
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Arctic Man is one of the world’s most intense downhill ski races, and with 15,000 impassioned fans in attendance, the event has an intense party scene to match.

For 28 years, fans have been trekking to Paxson, AK, for this phenomenal display of speed.

Adam takes in the stark environment of Paxson, a town with a population of 40 people.

Adam channels his inner Paul Bunyan and joins a log-splitting contest.

At this Hawaiian-themed campsite, Adam gets to taste a juicy, roasted whole hog.

The party not only gets a little wild at Arctic Man, but also a little creative. Adam meets a fan who likes his drinks out of a gasoline tank.

Snow machine is the preferred method of transportation by Arctic Man fans, so Adam takes his maiden snow machine voyage.

The Arctic Man race, which involves the coordination of both a downhill skier and a snowmobile driver, can be a dangerous sport.

Adam joins in the fun, and slides down a snowy hill.

Adam hops on a snowmobile to see what all the fuss is about.

Adam sees some crazy things at Arctic Man, including a hot tub, a blender bike and a 10 horsepower diesel margarita machine.

Adam presents the fans of Arctic Man with a buffet of succulent Alaskan king crab.

Adam poses with a few Arctic Man fans who have traveled many miles for this one-of-a-kind event.

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