America Declassified: D.B. Cooper, Sinkhole Photos

America Declassified uncovers truths about DB Cooper, a sinkhole that’s threatening a Louisiana town and wild mustangs that have gone missing.

Photo By: TANNER

Photo By: TANNER

Former CIA Counterterrorism Officer Mike Baker tries to find out what really happened that frigid November night in 1971, when DB Cooper plunged from the rear door of a Boeing 727 into the darkness, carrying $200,000 of ransom money.

Mike Baker takes us to Washington’s Columbia River to revisit the rugged obstacles DB Cooper faced after his stunning leap of faith.

Phil Scoles digs for money on the shore of the Columbia River while investigating the DB Cooper mystery.

A giant, water-filled sinkhole is threatening to swallow the town of Bayou Corne in the heart of Louisiana's Swamp Country. In less than a year, the sinkhole as grown from 5 to 22 acres, sucking down trees, rocks and once-solid land.

Geoscientist Ben McGee gets rare access to the hazardous, off-limits sinkhole site, to gather data and look for answers.

What began as a mysterious stream of gas bubbling in the community's waterways has expanded into a disaster of unprecedented propo¬rtions. This contamination threatens to poison the environment, or worse, explode into flames without warning -- incinerating all of Bayou Corne.

With specialized chemical analysis instruments, Ben tests the water for deadly, explosive gases forced to the surface by the sinkhole.

Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Dave Philipps speaks with Sally Summers to find out what is behind the American West’s diminishing population of wild mustangs.

Why is the federal government now spending millions to round up these American treasures and put them into captivity? And are some of them ending up in Mexican slaughterhouses?

Dave witnesses a Bureau of Land Management-sanctioned "gathering" of the free, wild mustangs. Is the government trying to appease local ranchers who want the land for their own use, or are the horses truly unable to survive on their own in the drought-ravaged desert?

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