Big Time RV: 500 Horsepower Under $400K Pictures

Real estate moghuls shop for the perfect RV, while an athletic family looks for a motorhome to match their mud-loving lifestyle.

Photo By: Jaye Callahan

H.L. and Nikki Connell pose with their sons Quinn and Quint in front of a Winnebago Forza at Lazydays RV in Tampa, FL.

A 2014 Thor Tuscany sits in the parking lot of Lazydays.

With hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steal amenities, the interior of this spacious RV is perfect for a family of any size.

The 2015 Thor Outlaw RV remains in the parking lot with its right side canopy open for display.

Several RV models sit on display at Lazydays RV grounds.

A customer on a bicycle window shops for an RV.

The sun sets on the RV bays at Lazydays.

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