Breaking Borders: Bloody Saturday in Ireland

Travel to Northern Ireland with Mariana van Zeller and Michael Voltaggio to understand the history behind the 30-year war known as "the Troubles." The 2 visit Game of Thrones filming locations, taste the local cuisine and sip Guinness. All of these experiences culminate in an emotional meal at the infamous Crumlin Road Jail, where 2 of their dinner guests served time.

"Big Bill" Campbell Memorial

Mariana van Zeller and Michael Voltaggio stand in front of a memorial for “Big Bill” Campbell, a commander in the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), whose goal was to combat the Irish Republican Army.

Shankill Road

Loyalist Plum Smith sits in front of old photos on a wall on Shankill Road, a popular target of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that has been bombed 3 times, the most recent and deadliest of which occurred in 1993.

"Dark Hedges" of Northern Ireland

The gorgeous and famous "Dark Hedges" — beech trees that lead up to the Gracehill House — have been featured on Game of Thrones. Related: All Men Must Travel: Game of Thrones Destinations

Hudson Bar

Michael and Mariana sample high-end whiskey at the Hudson Bar in Belfast.

Top-Shelf Whiskey

Michael Stewart, owner of the Hudson Bar, right, talks to Michael Voltaggio about the top-shelf whiskey.

Milltown Cemetery

The resting place for IRA hunger strikers and generations of Republicans who were buried after "the Troubles," a period of extreme conflict in Northern Ireland that started in the 1960s and reached as far as mainland Europe.

In Memoriam of Bobby Sands

Michael Voltaggio stands in front of a mural that remembers Bobby Sands, an Irish nationalist who led a hunger strike in prison, where he died.

Duke of York

Mariana and Michael visit the Duke of York pub in Belfast to get some Guinness.

"In Your Face"

During the Troubles, Belfast native Frankie Quinn took a series of photos that showed Northern Ireland in the 1980s, including this one, titled In Your Face.

Crumlin Road Jail

The Crumlin Road Jail (or gaol) formerly housed several members of the UVF. A section of the interior was damaged in 1991 by a bomb set off by the IRA. Closed down in 1996, Crumlin Road Jail is now one of the most popular sights on Northern Ireland’s "terror tour." It's open for daily public tours and evening paranormal tours.

Dinner Prep

Chef Michael Voltaggio prepares an Irish meal that his grandmother would be proud of for the dinner guests at Crumlin Road Jail.

Dinner at Crumlin Road Jail

Guests from opposing sides of the Troubles join Mariana and Michael for a discussion and dinner at the Crumlin Road Jail.

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