Seattle Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Marcus heads to the city famous for coffeehouses and grunge to explore 3 crime stories that all share one thing: renegade energy.

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Marcus visits Seattle, a diverse city both ethnically and economically. It is also a city with a sense of humor, so before Marcus tries to catch a criminal, he heads to Pike Place Market to catch a fish.

At Pike Place Market, Marcus gets a taste of what it is like to haul in the day's fresh catch and stock the market.

Seattle has a strong music culture, and in the '90s, it was all about grunge. To learn about that scene, Marcus drops by the basement recording studio of local legends, The Green Pajamas. The guys knew Nirvana and witnessed the rise of the grunge movement.

Marcus digs into the death of grunge rocker Kurt Cobain and visits the Nirvana exhibit at the Experience Music Project Museum.

Marcus continues to investigate Cobain's death. Even though it was ruled a suicide, there is question as to whether or not Cobain could have killed himself based on his blood's heroin level.

A different side of the city is revealed as Marcus looks into the worst massacre in the state -- the Wah Mee murders.

Marcus sits down with Todd Matthews, author of the book Wah Mee, to discuss Willie Mak, Tony and Benjamin Ng and the events that occurred at the Wah Mee Club.

Seattle police department captain Neil Low talks with Marcus about how important the witness, and lone survivor of the massacre, Wai Chin, was to the case against the 3 Wah Mee killers.

Colton Harris-Moore lived on the San Juan Islands and is known as the Barefoot Bandit. The 20-year-old has committed more than 80 thefts and burglaries and managed to elude the authorities for 2 years before his capture in 2010.

Writer Bob Friel has covered Colton's exploits and gives Marcus his take on the Barefoot Bandit.

Orcas Homegrown Market owner Kyle Ater talks to Marcus about how Colton's crimes affected his business.

Marcus wants to learn how Colton stole, flew and landed small planes without any training. To do this, he hops in a plane and tries his hand at flying. Thank goodness instructor Scott Farnes was there for backup.

Marcus writes about the 3 stories he encountered in Seattle. From drugs to murder and a thief with no shoes -- anything is possible in Seattle.

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