Mysteries: Lady and the Panda Pictures

Don examines film depicting a high-flying stunt that changed aviation history, a panda discovered by an unlikely heroine, and a document that tells the story of one man’s unparalleled imprisonment.
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Wooden Sewage Pipe

This innocuous piece of wood was part of New York City's antiquated sewage system, which left a water supply rife with vermin and disease, spreading a yellow fever epidemic throughout the city. Prominent lawyer Aaron Burr promised to remedy the city's toxic sewage system, though he actually had other motives in mind that had further impact on the growing metropolis.

New York Historical Society

Prominently featured at the New York Historical Society is a portion of wooden pipe dating back to the 1700s.

Old Capital Museum

Nowhere is the history of Jackson, MS — nicknamed the City with Soul — better preserved than at the Old Capitol Museum.

Circling the Skies

Located in the Old Capitol Museum, this showcase includes pieces of Jackson’s past. The museum is also part of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, which houses the film and canister of the Key brothers’ flight.

Old Custom House

What’s known as the old Custom House in Florida is now the site of the Key West Art and Historical Society, where visitors can see artifacts from historic lighthouses.

History Miami

Located in the heart of downtown is History Miami, a museum with exhibits, collections and archives that tell the story of Miami and the greater South Florida region. The museum is home to an artifact of the city that once tried to secede from the US.

Chicago's Field Museum

The city of Chicago boasts the Field Museum, which includes one of the largest natural history collections in the world. One of its exhibits features the story of how the first giant panda came to the US by the hands of an unlikely hero.

Head Case

This unique artifact — a piece of human skull — was the central piece of evidence in the trial of a former Cripple Creek, CO, resident. Not surprisingly, its introduction in court flipped the whole case on its head.

Cripple Creek District Museum

The Cripple Creek District Museum displays authentic mining equipment, an assay kiln and some of the first gold nuggets discovered in the region.

The Epps House

In Alexandria, LA, sits the Epps House. The reconstructed 1852 Creole cottage was moved to a branch of Louisiana State University’s campus here to serve as a memorial and museum to the history of slavery in Louisiana.

Twelve Years a Slave

It is an 8.5- by 13.5-inch piece of weathered paper with black ink scrawled across it in old-fashioned handwriting. The paper is worn and yellowed with age, but the words are legible. They speak to an inspiring tale about a luckless individual who endured unthinkable cruelty.

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