Mysteries: Margery the Medium and Everest Pictures

Don Wildman examines the wreckage of a tragic plane crash and the piece of evidence that landed a Soviet spy in prison.
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On display at the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum is a weather-beaten, metal oxygen tank.

This replica oxygen canister is a lasting testament to a fearless adventurer’s tragic end that remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

Learn more about George Lee Mallory’s daring climb at Golden, Colorado’s American Mountaineering Museum.

At the American Fur Company Store and Dr. Beaumont Museum on Mackinac Island, MI, the yellowing pages of a tattered antique book tell of a astonishing medical affliction and the secrets of human anatomy that it revealed.

At the Putnam County Historical Museum in Unionville, MO, is a twisted piece of metal, a remnant from a catastrophic disaster in the sky.

On March 22, 1962, Continental Airlines flight 11 exploded in the sky while en route to Kansas City, MO, killing all 45 passengers and crew on board.

The FBI eventually learned that a man named Thomas Doty had smuggled dynamite onto the plane and exploded it mid-air. But why did he do it?

At the Salon De Magie in Loveland, OH, visitors to the private collection can marvel at a strange wooden box that was once used in a chilling ritual said to summon spirits of the dead.

At the New Brunswick Public Library in New Brunswick, NJ, visitors can see a tattered hat on display, which harkens back to the brutal murder of a pastor.

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