Off Limits: Fighting Fires and More Pictures

Don fights fire, gets a behind-the-scenes look at the New Year's Eve ball, explores a military fortress inside a mountain, makes snow in California, disarms an IED and saves a bridge.

Don visits one of the most cutting-edge military research and development centers in the country. He and US Army soldiers observe TALON, a robot that helps disarm explosive devices.

Don jumps up to check out the Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS) on top of the tank. It allows a soldier to direct and fire the mounted machine gun from inside the tank.

Don meets construction expert Justin Edwards in front of the Big Four Bridge in Louisville, KY. Justin is going to show Don the ropes.

Don scales the Big Four Bridge in Louisville, KY. The bridge is part of an urban renewal project and will be turned into a pedestrian walkway.

Don helps the restoration crew remove an old railroad fixture from the Big Four Bridge.

Don discusses how the controlled burning process works with a firefighter from southern Florida.

Don helps to maintain the fire. Firefighters use a method called "Take a Lick and Go" to control how it burns.

An Off Limits crew member captures a firefighter as he tries to handle the controlled burn.

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